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Hydrogen Based Diesel Reduction System benefits diagram

The actual figures maybe up to or even exceed those shown on this website

Hems Global Limited has developed a revolutionary, hydrogen based Emission and Fuel Reduction System that reduces emissions, fuel consumption and overall operating costs.
The Hems System has been independently tested and proven to reduce emissions and fuel consumption by one of the World’s leading Environmental Testing facilities in Austria and Germany. (UWS Environmental, Dr Walter Stoltz)

The HEMS Hydrogen Based Emission Reduction System uses compressed hydrogen, controlled and introduced into the air inlet, by the Hems patented control and delivery mechanism.
Just a small amount of hydrogen promotes a better combustion process. This improves the thermal efficiency of the engine and fuel, with the added benefit of lesser harmful emissions and fuel consumption.

The fuel and emission figures and percentages quoted in this website are based upon the results of the Austrian and German trials over a period of time.

The actual figures maybe up to or even exceed those shown on this website. Some Trials in Australia have delivered better results.


Hems Global Limited wish to announce our new partnership with Ethical Developments.
Ethical Developments are here to promote and build the supporting infrastructure for the supply and availability of hydrogen gas and refilling stations across Australia.
We are now in a position where all heavy vehicle and equipment operators across Australia can benefit from the HEMS System and achieve reductions in emissions, fuel and overall operating costs.


The following can benefit from the HEMS Diesel Reduction System.

Road Transport Vehicles– Passenger and Freight

Mining and Construction

Power Generation

Marine Vessels + Rail


To understand more about utilising the HEMS system, visit our Benefits and Case Studies pages.