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For a system so new, we understand that you need to know the facts that will ensure that our system works with the utmost safety level, is road legal and the warranty that it comes with. Below are the details:




Safety devices have been incorporated into the HEMS system design to minimise, if not eliminate, risks to your personnel and vehicles. The safety devices are such as:

  • Overheat detectors (in case of overheating or fire)
  • Automatic shutdown when the detector is triggered
  • Indicator to operator should such an unlikely situation occur

Should any unlikely situation such as a gas leakage from the hydrogen gas container occur, ventilation system has been incorporated into our design to ensure that any leakage is vented into a safe area. Furthermore a hydrogen leak detector is also in place which would indicate such situation to the operator and shuts down the HEMS system immediately.

The HEMS system will also be mounted directly to the vehicle structure and is designed in compliance with AS/NZS 2739 (Natural Gas (NG) Fuel Systems for Vehicle Engines) and ISO 15916 (basic considerations for the safety of hydrogen systems).



The HEMS system installation on a motor vehicle must be undertaken and certified by an Authorised HEMS Installer.

Should your plant have no gas attachments and systems, an appropriately trained installer can install the HEMS system using sound and standard engineering practices.

Meanwhile for plants that have gas systems, an Authorised Gas Fitter must certify the installation of the HEMS system.




The hydrogen flow components warranty is covered by the original equipment manufacturer warranty.

HEMS International cover the warranty for the HEMS hydrogen flow controlling system.

The gas supply company that owns and refills the cylinder covers the hydrogen cylinder warranty.

HEMS International has appropriate insurance to cover any unlikely damage to the engine or vehicle that can be directly attributed to the design and operation of the HEMS system

However, whilst encouraging appropriate training and installation, HEMS International will not be held liable for errors in installation or non-adherence to instructions by installers or operators.




A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) such as TAFE carries out training of installers. Although rest assured, the safety of hydrogen systems and people is of upmost importance to HEMS International.

A training package has been developed for ALL personnel that have to come in contact with the hydrogen gas and the operation of internal combustion engines with a hydrogen enhancement system installed.

Along with the Operators’ Handbook, as a part of training, HEMS International produce a safety handbook to all of our personnel and it is included with the HEMS System kit.