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Industry Application – The following industries can benefit from the HEMS Diesel Reduction System.

  • Passenger Transport – Bus Operators, Coach Operators – around town or long distance.
  • Freight Operations – Short Haul Trucks, Metro Deliveries, Rigid Trucks, Semi’s.
  • Long Haul Trucks – Interstate B Doubles, Prime Movers, Rigid, Tankers.
  • Earth Moving – Diggers (all sizes), Haulage – Truck and Dogs, Truck and Pigs, Excavators, Graders, Quarry Equipment such as crushers and conveyors.
  • Construction Industry – Road making Equipment, Cranes, Pile Driving, Rollers, Pumps.
  • Mining – Haulage Trucks, Generators, Conveyors, Pumps, Diggers, Excavators.
  • Power Generation – Main Power Generators, Back up Generators.
  • Rail – Locomotives, Support Equipment, Track Laying Equipment, Generators, Pumps.
  • Aviation – Ground Support Generators (GPU’s), Catering Trucks, Tugs, Cargo Handling Equipment, Ground air-conditioning units.
  • Maritime – Ship Propulsion Engines, Dock Equipment, Pumps, On Board Generators.

Other Industries and Uses:

Many other vehicles and equipment can be fitted with the HEMS System such as Emergency Vehicles, Specialist Transport, Pumps etc.