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 Earth moving

Power and fuel economy are sought after attributes in earth moving equipment.


Open cut mining operations can benefit from the HEMS System in the reduction of fuel costs and the reduction to the dust caused by mining equipment exhaust.

On large sites, a hydrogen filling station can be installed within the mobile fuelling station so that diesel and hydrogen filling can occur without having to travel to a main depot.

The HEMS R&D Team have almost completed a solution to the logistics issues when using gaseous hydrogen.



The construction industry uses large machinery for site preparation, road construction and building

Road making Equipment

Any of the diesel powered road making equipment can be fitted with the HEMS System to improve fuel consumption, emissions and power.


When cranes are operating, they spend a lot of hours idling. When they are working, you want the best efficiency from the engines driving the hydraulics or genrators. The HEMS System will help.

Pile Driving

Hydraulic vibratory and hammer equipment can be fitted with teh HEMS System.

Operators have noted that power is increased to an extent that when the hydraulics are in full flow, the engine does not falter or stall.

Newer vibratory pile drivers are electrical and the generators can be fitted with the HEMS System.

Road Works

There are many different types of specialised machinery for road construction.

Graders, Diggers, Back hoes, Pile Drivers and rollers.