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Hydrogen Based Diesel Reduction System® – How it works with an operating engine?

The diagram above is explained below. The basic principles are the same for all Internal Combustion Engines



A small amount of Hydrogen gas is drawn into the cylinder along with the air via the inlet system of an internal combustion engine



What happens next is that the hydrogen mixes with the air mixture. As the piston goes up, the Fuel/Air and Hydrogen mix is compressed. On a Diesel, the heat and compression ignite the fuel mix and on a petrol engine, a spark ignites the fuel air mixture. In a jet engine, the ignition is self sustaining after starting.



When the mixture is ignited by compression (Diesel) or a spark (Petrol or LPG/CNG) the flame burns at a much faster rate. This means that the combustion process is faster and is much more efficient. As the combustion is faster, there is more time for the fuel to burn completely.



Most or all of the fuel is burnt. This reduces the unburnt fuel or HC content of the exhaust. It also reduces the carbon monoxide and due to the combustion happening faster, there is less time at the temperature that produces oxides of nitrogen NOx. As unburnt fuel causes black smoke as well as diluting and contaminating the engine lubricating oil, these effects are also reduced.

HEMS – How does this really work?

Hems System bus graphic

The HEMS system is fitted to a vehicle at a convenient location for mounting the cylinders.

There is very little interference with the existing vehicle systems.

The operator will see a master switch to turn the hydrogen system ON and OFF, however, the system is fully automatic when turned ON.

  • The hydrogen gas is added to the air-intake and regulated by the HEM’s controller over the entire engine operating range, including idle.
  • The HEMS system will automatically shut off whenever the engine stalls, there is a hydrogen leak, whenever the system pressure is low and whenever the controller detects a fault internally.
  • When the Hems System is ON, the hydrogen will not flow until the engine is actually running. The engine reverts to the original fuel (diesel, petrol, LPG etc) when hydrogen runs out or is turned off.
  • HEMS System is applicable to any internal combustion engine application (buses, trucks, gas turbines and power generators).