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1. HEMS International Ltd Warranty is twofold.

a) Product Performance deliverables are assured provided that the system and vehicle are operated as per guidelines and system indications

b) Parts and components warranty is for a period of 24 months from date of sale.

i. Individual component failures are protected by the OEM manufacturer warranty and as such, replacement of the part will be actioned, excluding labour.

2. Installers will be responsible for all warranty claims against faulty installations

3. Installations that fail when operated in a period where the certification for the system installation has expired, are not covered by the warranty.

4. An Annual Safety inspection is required to be accomplished in accordance with State legislation. Failure to comply with the annual inspection within 1 year and  4 weeks of the date of the date of installation of all HEMS Installed systems will void all Warranty.

5. Damage, Loss of Income and all other expenses incurred will be covered by Hems International provided that the cause of the damage can be directly attributed and proven to be caused by Hydrogen injection.

6. All cylinders carry a maximum life of 5 years to the Legislative requirement to replace the Pressure Relief Device (PRD) from the date of certification and inspection.

7. Components carry warranty for Parts Only for a 24-month period from date of sale.

8. All Warranties carry a Non Tamper Clause, which, if tampering is suspected, will void all Warranties.

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