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The HEMS System has been fitted on vehicles  and is ready for distribution to heavy vehicle owners and operators.

Vehicles currently operating with the HEMS System include

Buses and Coaches

Light courier trucks

Flat deck rigid trucks

Semi container prime movers

Vibrating pile drivers

Vans (Hyundai I LOAD)

Cars – 6 cylinder and 4 cylinder



Coming soon is a range of new technology that will reduce NOx dramatically and increase power. This system involves water fumigation to provide additional cooling to the combustion chamber. This reduces the temperatures at which NOx forms.

Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) are produced at high cylinder temperatures. A fact of the internal combustion engine is that when the engine is operating at it’s most efficient, the cylinder temperatures are at the highest. As engine manufactures improve the efficiency of their engines, they are hamstrung by the NOx. This is why the new vehicles now are fitted with catalytic converters and Exhaust Re circulation Systems.

The current HEMS System does reduce NOx due to the faster burn rate achieved with the hydrogen catalyst. The addition og the WFS further reduces the NOx.


The Hems International R&D Team are working on the final stages of a system that will work hand in hand with the OEM Engine Management System.

The current HEMS System does reduces emissions and fuel consumption. With the new technology based engines being produced, trimming the ECU enables the best combination of hydrogen and fuel scheduling for improving fuel consumption and emission control. Coupled with the HEMS WFM and the current HEMS System, the HEMS ECU Trimmer will maximise savings and thermal efficiency of the engine.


The Hems R&D Team are nearing completion of a system that removes the need for high pressure hydrogen cylinders.

Whilst the gaseous hydrogen system (the current HEMS System) provides the optimal method of control and delivery of hydrogen to the engine, the ability to safely mount cylinders to provide enough hydrogen for the distances travelled by some of the heavy freight, trains and marine vessels is restrict by the available space and the current level of hydrogen infrastructure available in Australia.


The R&D Team are completing the development of a fleet operations monitoring system that remotely monitors the vehicles primary systems using mobile technology and Satellite tracking.


The HEMS System can be adapted to provide a “GREEN BAND” prompt for the driver to follow.

The GREEN BAND system will illuminate an amber light whenever the vehicle is being operated with a heavy foot. The idea is for the driver to keep the light OFF.

Research has exposed that one of the main causes for high fuel consumption is that the engine is forced to operate at high boost to achieve rapid accelerations.