History of hydrogen and its future in creating cleaner diesel emission in Australia.

Just like any scientific elements of matters, they have had to be discovered at one point in history, and hydrogen is no exception. Today we turn into the history books to find out how hydrogen got discovered, and the present future with HEMS Global, turning it into a solution to diesel carbon emission reduction in Australia.

While it was unclear who first discovered the Hydrogen element, it was clear that Hydrogen first came into prominence in the 17th century. It was first found by mixing and reacting iron with acid which then produced a type of gas that was unknown then. It was only until the 18th century when a French chemist named it Hydrogen, due to the scientific proof he found that Hydrogen produces water when burned. Taking the greek word ‘hydro’ which meant ‘water’ and ‘genes’ which meant ‘creator’, the name hydrogen was invented.

Hydrogen have been used for many purposes in the centuries that has passed since then. From being used to fill up the very first zeppelin in 1900, to being the fuel for a rocket engine in 1961, and many more, Hydrogen’s functionalities and capabilities just kept on coming. One of the latest functions that have been discovered is of course as a diesel fuel enhancement product in Australia. Supported by the HEMS Global system that regulates the flow of hydrogen into the engine, the system is proven to work and work well.

For more information on our system that creates cleaner diesel emission in Australia, contact HEMS Global now. We are about our hydrogen based diesel reduction system in Australia.